Winter course for professionals: "Smart Farming & IoT in Agriculture"

Acquiring knowledge in the field of digitalisation in agriculture requires time and commitment. Now you have the opportunity to step into the role of a student once again - at least for a short time and at Weihenstephan.

The winter course "Smart Farming & IoT in Agriculture" is aimed at professionals in the agricultural sector and career changers who come into contact with digitalisation in agriculture professionally.


Join our Masterclass (Info Session) and apply if you want to …

  • educate yourself about Digital Transformation in #Agriculture
  • fly a drone & learn to program flight plans
  • capture POIs in the field with a GPS-survey pole
  • see how Farm Management Information Systems work
  • create Application maps in Open Source Software
  • run your application maps on real tractors with automatic guidance, section control and variable rate technology
  • Understand ISOBUS & digital platforms in agribusiness
  • get an overview of Agricultural Robotics
  • get started with microelectronics
  • use ChatGPT
  • rapid prototype your Digital Farming ideas
  • create your own IoT System from sensor to dashboard
  • log & analyze tractor data with only a Raspberry Pi


By the way: The idea for the course arose from the experience that good courses that provide the necessary tools for the digitalisation of the agricultural world are difficult to find. Many colleagues want more practical experience and clarity in these areas. No previous knowledge is required, the course thrives on bringing together participants from many different backgrounds.


Register for our free Online Info-Session (05.09.2023)

Course Homepage, registration and pricing




Virtual Kick-off:
10 October 2023 16:00 - 18:00 (online)

Kick-off Weekend:
19 October - 21 October 2023 (on-site at TUM)


6 Online Live Sessions:
24 October, 07 November, 28 November, 05 December, 12 December, 19 December 2023, each 16:00 - 18:00, optional: 9 January 2024 16:00 - 18:00

12 - 18 November 2023 (in this time no course takes place because everyone will be at Agritechnica, trade fair will be discussed together in the further course)

Final Weekend:
13 - 15 January 2024 (on-site at TUM)  

Oral Examination:
Weeks 4 - 5 in 2024, individual Zoom Meetings (required for graduation and receiving the certificate!)


No prior experience required - open to participants from all backgrounds!
Digital transformation in agriculture will only succeed if we learn to cooperate in diverse teams (Agronomists, Engineers, Developers, Executives, ...)


We are looking forward to:

  • 2 weekends of on-site training & networking
  • 2 field trips
  • 5 weeks of e-learning and hands-on home exercises
  • in a multidisciplinary group!
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